We dealing with the conditions and the harsh reality that coffee growers face in Colombia. As owners of the MonteCielo farm, we know that coffee farmers work over 40 hours a week but their salaries are not enough to cover the basic needs of their families, such as education, health care, medicines, pure water and electricity. The global coffee crisis hit Colombia's small producers very hard. Twenty-three percent of producers were not meeting production costs in the nineteen nineties. The crisis sent people further into poverty and debt.

Malnutrition among small children in farm families went up significantly, while coffee production across the country fell 44% as farmers could no longer afford to harvest and process their crops. Many farmers were forced to migrate for work in urban areas leading to increased unemployment and more poverty.

For this reason, MonteCielo coffee consumers would be helping these families to improve their well being every time they enjoy our coffee. Our goal is to invest a part of the profits to build a place of hope where the children of single mothers will receive free education, nutritious meals, health care, recreational activities, and spiritual guidance to preserve family, and society. Also, give a better salaries to our small coffee partners and employees.


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