Our story

Since 1942, my father spent his life growing and processing coffee. Being the youngest daughter of fifteen brothers and sisters, I was the only one that carried out the passion for coffee and continued his legacy.

When I met my husband, we blended this passion for coffee honoring my father’s tradition and dream to share this exquisite coffee. Our love for each other boosted our shared mission . The mission is to share with people about all of the wonderful benefits of coffee. By sharing this with the world, we honor the legacy of all of the coffee growers abroad.

My husband is a truly passionate individual, who has inspired me to embark on this project. This is how MonteCielo had its beginning. To farm the coffee awakened my passion to share it, and unites our mission which is rooted in our love and compassion for humanity.

Our mission is to be able to create a fund that will assist single low income mothers so that their children will have the benefits of better education.

MonteCielo Farm was purchased in 2014; since then, we have been working very hard to make this coffee as exceptional as it is.

We are a local family that runs and operates our coffee farm; we can roast every order to assure you that our coffee is of the highest and freshest quality at an affordable price. We are currently selling our products on our website: www.montecielocoffee.com.


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