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We are located in Filandia in the Quindío province of Colombia. This 18 acres farm is between 1585 and 1700 masl (meters above the sea level). The farm is enclosed by the west side of Cordillera Central of the Andes Mountain. These favorable conditions -volcanic soils and altitude- enhance its quality and refined taste making of Montecielo an exceptional origin coffee. By contrast, coffee trees will be healthier on a soil rich in active organic matter, they will have a better leaf area-to-fruit ratio leading to a better quality and unique cup characteristics.

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Montecielo's Coffee is distributed all over the world including USA, Europe and Asia.

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Montecielo Coffee

THIS is one of the best coffees that Ive ever had! It is very smooth. The caffeine content is balanced with being enough to wake you up without making you jittery. It is very easy on the stomach as well, which is a plus if you have a tendency for stomach discomfort. This translates in to being able to drink more than just one cup! Absolutely the best


I think this may become my go-to order! So smooth and delicious


Strong, rich, smooth and complex with a beautiful coffee bean aroma that translates into the coffee taste experience. Excellent coffee, would be 5 stars, but still looking for that “brewed on date” and a resealable bag such that I can get the best out of managing the quality of my coffee.


One of our origin favorites, with chocolate after-taste after a nutty acidic start. We enjoy it with Bonsoy or expresso and even cold. Getting the grind correct is always important, but very much so with this bean. We also enjoy the story behind the bean…

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